Product overview

The IBM® BladeCenter® PS703 or PS704 blade server is based on IBM Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC (POWER®) Architecture technologies. These servers run in BladeCenter units to provide a high-density, high-performance blade server environment using advanced processing technology.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, references to the BladeCenter unit apply to BladeCenter E (8677), BladeCenter H (8852 and 7989), BladeCenter HT (8740 and 8750), and BladeCenter S (8886 and 7779) units.
The Installation and User's Guide comes with the blade server on the IBM BladeCenter Documentation CD. All of the following information is in the document and also in the information center:

Packaged with the hardcopy Installation and User's Guide are software CDs that help you to configure hardware, install device drivers, and install the operating system.

The blade server comes with a limited warranty. For information about the terms of the warranty and getting service and assistance, see the Warranty and Support Information document for your blade server that is on the IBM BladeCenter Documentation CD.

The blade server might have features that are not described in the documentation that comes with the blade server. Occasionally, the documentation might be updated to include information about those features. Technical updates might also become available to provide additional information that is not included in the original blade server documentation. The most recent version of all BladeCenter documentation is in the BladeCenter information center.

The online BladeCenter information center is available in the IBM BladeCenter Information Center at

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