Installing the operating system

Before you install the operating system on the blade server, verify that the blade server is installed in the BladeCenter® unit, the management-module firmware is at the latest available level, and the blade server is turned on.

If you are not using an unattended network-installation method to install your operating system, you must first provide a Serial over LAN (SOL) connection to the blade server to install your operating system. If you have not already done so, configure the SOL feature on the blade server to establish an SOL connection, enable the SOL feature, and start an SOL session. For instructions, see the IBM® BladeCenter Serial over LAN Setup Guide and the BladeCenter Management Module Command-Line Interface Reference Guide. For information about SOL commands, see the documentation for your operating system.

  • If you plan to install the operating system through the Ethernet network, you must install and configure a second Ethernet switch module into the applicable I/O-module bay of the BladeCenter unit. For additional information, see:
  • After you install the operating system on the blade server, you must install any service packs or update packages that come with the operating system. For additional information, see the instructions that come with your operating-system documentation and the service packs or update packages.
  • The blade server has no external USB ports, but communicates with and uses the removable-media drives and USB ports that are in the media tray of the BladeCenter unit.
  • The operating system in the blade server must provide USB support for the blade server to recognize and use the removable-media drives in the BladeCenter unit. The BladeCenter unit uses USB for internal communication with these devices.
  • For the BladeCenter PS703 or PS704 blade server: If you plan to install an Ethernet expansion card, first install the operating system to enable the onboard ports to be recognized and configured before the ports on the expansion card. If you install the Ethernet expansion card before you install the operating system, the expansion card ports will be assigned before the onboard ports.

See the ServerProven website for information about supported operating-system versions and all blade server optional devices.

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