Advanced management module

The advanced management module is a hot-swap module that you use to configure and manage all installed BladeCenter components. The BladeCenter S chassis comes with one advanced management module in the advanced management module bay.

The advanced management module provides systems-management functions and keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) multiplexing for all blade servers in the BladeCenter S chassis that support KVM. It controls the following connections:

The advanced management module communicates with the service processor (also called the baseboard management controller, or BMC) in each blade server to support features such as blade server power-on requests, error and event reporting, KVM requests, and requests to use the BladeCenter S chassis shared media tray.

Graphic of the management module with call outs for Release handle, Default IP address location, and MAC address location.

The BladeCenter S chassis supports a single advanced management module, and it must be installed in the advanced management module bay.