Serial pass-thru module

The serial pass-thru module has six serial ports that you can use to directly attach a four-wire serial RJ-45 connector to each of the blade servers in the BladeCenter S chassis. If you use the serial pass-thru module, it must be installed in the serial pass-thru module bay.

Note: See the documentation for the blade server that you are using to ensure that it supports this type of serial access.

The connectors are numbered 1 through 6, from top to bottom, and correspond to blade servers in blade server bays 1 through 6.

Graphic showing close up front view of the serial pass-thru module.

Serial pass-thru connector pinout

There are eight pins on each RJ-45 port, numbered 1 through 8, from bottom to top.

Graphic showing close up of a port with pinout serial pass-thru module.

Contact (pin number) Signal name Signal direction
1 RTS (Request to send) Output from blade server
2 Not used n/a
3 RXD (Receive data) Input to blade server
4 GND (Ground) n/a
5 Not used n/a
6 TXD (Transfer data) Output from blade server
7 Not used n/a
8 CTS (Clear to send) Input to blade server
Note: The serial pass-thru module uses the DTE convention.