Media tray

The media tray contains the DVD drive (which can be either a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive or a DVD/RW drive) and two USB v2.0 ports, which are shared by the blade servers. The media tray also contains two battery backup units, which provide backup for SAS RAID controller modules cache.

Graphic showing close up front view of media tray and LEDs
Note: The port on the side of the media tray is reserved for future use.

Controls and indicators

System LED panel

The media tray provides the following controls and indicators:
System LED panel
The LEDs on this panel provide status information for the BladeCenter S chassis.
Note: These LEDs are also displayed on the rear of the BladeCenter S chassis.
Lit (green). Power is being supplied to the BladeCenter S chassis.

Off. The power subsystem, ac power, or the LED has failed.

Note: Even if the power-on LED is off, always remove the power cords from all power modules before you service the BladeCenter S chassis.
Lit or flashing (blue). It has been turned on by the system administrator to aid in visually locating the BladeCenter S chassis. You can turn off the location LED throught the Web interface or the IBM Director console.
Lit (amber). The temperature in the BladeCenter S chassis exceeds the temperature limits, or a blade server reports an over-temperature condition. The BladeCenter S chassis might have already taken corrective action, such as increasing the fan speed. This LED turns off automatically when there is no longer an over-temperature condition.
Lit (amber). A noncritical event has occurred that requires attention, such as the wrong I/O module being inserted into a bay, or power demands within the BladeCenter S chassis exceeding the capacity of the installed power modules.

You can turn off the information LED through the Web interface or the IBM Director console.

System error
Lit (amber). A system error has occurred, such as a module failure or a system error in a blade server. An LED on the failing component is also lit to assist in isolating the error.
DVD drive activity LED
Lit (green). The drive is in use.
DVD drive eject button
Press this button to open the DVD drive.
USB ports
Connect USB devices to these ports.