Power modules

The BladeCenter S system supports up to four autoranging power modules that are capable of supporting either 110 V ac or 220 V ac.

Graphic showing close up front view of power module.

There are two types of power modules. These power modules are identical except for the power cord connector; one power module has a C14 connector and the other power module has a C20 connector. Both types of power modules can be installed in the same chassis.
Table 1. Power modules used in the BladeCenter S system

Power module with C14 connector

Graphic showing the power supply with a C14 connector.

Power module with C20 connector

Graphic showing the power supply with a C20 connector.

Within the BladeCenter S chassis, all power supplies are combined into a single power domain, which distributes power to each of the blade servers and modules through the system midplane.

You must install a minimum of two power modules. If you install only two power modules, install them in power module bays 1 and 2 (the top and bottom power module bays on the right as you face the rear of the BladeCenter S chassis).
Note: You must install all four power modules if you are using both disk storage modules.

If you disengage or remove all devices from the front of the BladeCenter S chassis (media tray, blade servers, and disk storage modules), the power modules will be disabled.

Indicators and controls

There are three LEDs on each power module:
AC power
Lit (green). Power is being supplied to the power module.
DC power
Lit (green). Power is being supplied from the power module to the BladeCenter S chassis midplane.
Lit (amber). There is a fault with the power module.
Note: Before unplugging the AC power cord from the power module or removing the power module from the BladeCenter S chassis, verify that the capacity of the remaining power modules are sufficient to meet the minimum power requirements for all components in the BladeCenter S chassis. You can view power status and requirements through the advanced management module.

For information on accessing and using the advanced management module, see the Advanced Management Module User's Guide.

  1. Verify that the power modules are properly connected to an AC power source. All power modules in the BladeCenter S chassis must be connected to the same power input voltage (either 110 V ac or 220 V ac). Do not mix power input voltages.
  2. Unplug the AC power cord from the power module and plug it in again.
  3. Reseat the power supply.
  4. Swap the AC power cord with a power cord that is known to be working.
  5. Move the power module to another power module bay in the BladeCenter S chassis.