Remote Deployment Manager

Remote Deployment Manager (RDM) is an IBM Director extension. Use RDM to install a supported Windows, Linux, or VMware ESX Server operating system or a firmware update onto a blade server remotely. RDM can also capture and deploy cloned images from one system to other systems. RDM uses ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit to provide a deep level of insulation from hardware dependencies.

IBM® Director has the capability to use the zone configurations that you create with Storage Configuration Manager. IBM Director and Storage Configuration Manager enable RDM to install an operating system to one of the integrated drives by providing a remote zoning function.
Note: If you are deploying operating systems using Alteris or ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, you must first configure the zones using Storage Configuration Manager or through the advanced management module.

See the RDM Web site for more information about Remote Deployment Manager. See the ServerGuide Scripting toolkit Web site for more information about ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit.