Storage Configuration Manager

Storage Configuration Manager is a Web based device management application.

Storage Configuration Manager provides user and programmatic interfaces that you need to configure and monitor multiple instances of different types of storage related devices, including either the SAS connectivity modules or the SAS RAID controller modules, and the SAS controllers on the expansion cards in each blade server. It includes a Web-based graphical user interface. It can be installed as a stand-alone application or as an extension to IBM Director 5.20.2.

You can connect to the Storage Configuration Manager Manager component of the application from any computer on the network that it is installed on, using a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.x or later, Firefox 1.0 or later).

Instead of using Storage Configuration Manager, you have the option of configuring the integrated shared storage from the configuration wizard of the advanced management module if you choose one of the predefined configurations that are provided. However, you must install Storage Configuration Manager if you decide to modify an existing configuration or create your own customized configuration.

To download Storage Configuration Manager go to the Support for IBM Systems Manager Web site, select Product Family, and select IBM Storage Configuration Manager.