Service processor communication (SP COMM) errors displayed for a blade server

When a blade server is installed in the BladeCenter S chassis, the advanced management module initiates communication with the service processor on the blade server. Disruptions in this communications results in service processor communication errors being logged in the advanced management module event log. These errors are typically caused by problems in firmware or configuration (either on the advanced management module or on the blade server).


You installed a new blade server in the BladeCenter S chassis, and the advanced management module log is displaying service processor communication errors.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Verify that the blade server machine type and service processor (or BMC) firmware level is supported by the BladeCenter S chassis.
    1. Check to see if there are any other working blade servers that are the same machine type and firmware level.
    2. Go to the Sofware and device drivers - IBM BladeCenter and verify that the advanced management module firmware and the blade server service processor (BMC) firmware supports the blade server. If not, update the advanced management module and blade server firmware.
  2. Log in to the advanced management module Web interface and view the event log to determine how many blade servers are having service processor communications errors. If multiple blade servers have having service processor communications errors, restart the advanced management module. If that resolves the error, continue monitoring the advanced management module for these errors.
  3. Install the blade server into a blade server bay that is known to be working in another BladeCenter S chassis that has a working blade server of the same machine type. If the blade server works, the problem might be the blade server bay on the BladeCenter S chassis. Contact IBM support.
  4. Check the IBM Support Web site to see if advanced management module firmware updates or blade server service processor firmware updates address the error. If not, contact IBM support.
  5. Update the service processor firmware on the blade server. If the failure occurs during the update process or the problem persists after updating the firmware, replace the planar on the blade server.