Event log

The advanced management module event log contains messages that are generated while the advanced management module is monitoring the BladeCenter S system.

Messages in the event log have the following format:
  • Severity error level. The severity level can be information (I), warning (W), or error (E).
  • Source. The source device that generated the message, such as SERVPROC for the advanced management module or BLADE_xx for a blade server, where xx is the blade server number.
  • Timestamp. Date and time that the message was generated.
  • Text description. Text describing the message.
The following example shows an event log error message:
                  E	 BLADE_05	 06/05/06	 10:39:02	 (RXPS01181US) Service Processor watchdog.

For some messages, the event log will display a message beginning with the word Recovery and followed by the same text as the original message when a problem has been resolved.

By default, entries are sorted by timestamp, which the most recent entries listed first. You can sort the entries by severity, source, or timestamp by clicking on the appropriate column heading. In addition, you can filter entries based on severity, source, or date.

For information about event log messages, see Messages.

Viewing the event log

To view the event log:

Working with the event log

When attempting to resolve problems using the messages in the event log, review messages with earlier timestamps before taking action on more recent messages. For example, an error message about a failing component with a recent timestamp may be related to an error message about the prior failure of another component.

When a message identifies a problem with a specific device within the BladeCenter S system, check the LEDs on that device for additional troubleshooting information.