Floor space

The required floor space must allow enough clearance in the front and rear of the rack so that the doors can be opened to access the equipment.

Front clearance is needed to access the blade servers, disk storage modules, and the media tray. Rear clearance is needed to access power supplies, fans, and network cable connections, as well as to attach a local monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the advanced management module. The following graphic shows the maximum operational clearances for IBM NetBAY racks and expansion units that are recommended for use with BladeCenter systems.
Note: Some racks, such as the IBM S2 25U Standard Rack and the IBM S2 42U Standard rack have dual doors and take up less space.

Graphic showing operational clearances for NetBAY 42 Enterprise rack

If you are using the Office Enablement Kit, see Office Enablement Kit physical dimensions and clearances for information about clearances.