Front view parts listing

The front of the BladeCenter S chassis contains components such as the media tray and bays for disk storage modules and blade servers.

Illustration of the front of the BladeCenter unit showing exploded view of all parts
Index Description CRU part number (Tier 1) CRU part number (Tier 2) FRU part number
1 Chassis shell (without shuttle)     44E8050
2 Filler, blade server 39M3317    
3 Media tray (PATA) 44E8052    
Media tray (SATA) 44E8167    
4 DVD drive (PATA) 43W4603    
DVD drive (SATA Multi-Burner) 44W3256    
5 Bezel 44E8055    
6 Filler, 2.5" hard disk drive 44T2248    
7 12-disk storage module 46C5494    
8 Filler, 3.5" hard disk drive 39M4375    
9 Filler, disk storage module 44E8060    
10 6-disk storage module 44E8057    
  Filler, DVD drive (SATA) 46C5496    

Consumable parts (parts that are purchased separately) are not covered by the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty. The following consumable parts are available for purchase from the retail store.

Index Description Part number
  Battery backup unit 45W5002