Installing IBM Director Server (optional)

IBM® Director is a comprehensive systems manager that is designed for use across the full IBM Systems server family, including BladeCenter® systems. An integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools, IBM Director provides clients with flexible systems-management abilities to help maximize system availability and lower IT costs. With IBM Director, IT administrators can view and track the hardware configuration of remote systems and monitor the component performance of microprocessors, disks, and memory.

IBM Director communicates with the advanced management module through the Ethernet port on the advanced management module. If you are going to use IBM Director to manage your BladeCenter S system, make sure that it is installed on a server that meets the documented system requirements and that the advanced management module is on a network that is reachable from the IBM Director server.

Note: IBM Director communicates over the TCP command mode port. You might have to increase the maximum number of simultaneous connections that can be made over this port to prevent conflicts with other applications. You can modify the setting through the advanced management module Web interface (Network Protocols page).
IBM Director has the capability to use the zone configurations that you create with Storage Configuration Manager. You can use Storage Configuration Manager to create an initial zone configuration for a BladeCenter S system and use IBM Director to distribute the configuration to other BladeCenter S systems.
Note: For more information about Storage Configuration Manager, see the IBM Storage Configuration Manager Planning, Installation, and Configuration Guide.

To download the latest version of IBM Director, go to the Support for IBM Systems Management Web site.