Planning for SAS connectivity module zoning

Plan for the SAS connectivity module and the zoning of SAS connectivity module ports, which enables blade servers to access specific hard disk drives.

For each SAS connectivity module, you will need to determine the following settings:
  • Nickname. Description used for each SAS connectivity module.
  • TCP ports to use for administration, events, and firmware download.
  • Whether or not to use a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server for the date and time.

When you configure the zoning for the BladeCenter S system, you determine which disks are accessible by each of the blade servers. In addition, you determine which external ports on the SAS connectivity module are accessible by each of the blade servers.

If both disk storage modules are installed, each blade server will typically have access to disks in each of the disk storage modules.

Use the SAS connectivity module configuration worksheet to record your planning decisions.

Configuration stores

Each SAS connectivity module contains 13 configuration stores. It can contain up to four user-defined configurations in addition to the nine predefined configurations.
Note: Predefined configuration 01 is not intended for use with the BladeCenter S system.

Graphic illustrating SAS connectivity module configuration stores

Important: If you are implementing two SAS connectivity modules, make sure that you specify the same configuration (either user-defined or predefined) for both SAS connectivity modules.