Keyboard or mouse device not working

Use this procedure if a keyboard, mouse, or pointing device is not working.


A keyboard, mouse or pointing device no longer works.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Verify that the device is connected to the advanced management module.
  2. Verify that the KVM is owned by the blade server.
    Tip: On a keyboard that is directly attached to the advanced management module, you can press keyboard keys in the following sequence to switch KVM control between blade servers:
    • NumLock NumLock blade_server_number Enter

    Where blade_server_number is the two-digit number for the blade bay in which the blade server is installed. If you press NumLock twice and then do not enter a blade server bay, the keyboard may appear to be locked. In this case, either enter a blade server bay number or press Enter.

  3. Reseat the device cable.
  4. Replace the device.