Troubleshooting media tray problems

Use this information to resolve problems with the media tray.

IBM continually updates the support Web site with tips and techniques that you can use to resolve any problems that you may be having with the BladeCenter S system. Go to the BladeCenter support search Web site and search for the terms media tray, 8886, and retain to see if any service bulletins have been generated.

The media tray contains the front system LED panel, DVD drive, and USB ports that are shared by all blade servers in the BladeCenter S chassis.

The advanced management module is connected to the media tray using a dedicated serial control interface, called the I2C bus (there are several I2C bus connections throughout the BladeCenter S chassis). This interface is used by the advanced management module to detect the presence of the media tray and to control all media tray functions, including the USB connection between the media tray and blade servers.

Only one blade server at a time can access the media tray USB device and DVD drive. The ability to manually select which blade is connected to the media tray using the blade front panel button can be disabled through the advanced management module Web interface. Always check this setting first if the selection button on the front of the blade server does not appear to be working.

If you are having trouble booting a blade server to a media tray device, check the boot sequence for the blade server to make sure that the DVD device is listed. From the advanced management module Web interface, click Blade TasksConfigurationBoot Sequence.

If the eject button of the optical drive is not working, first unmount or uninstall the optical drive from the OS then reseat the media tray.