Cannot log in to the advanced management module

If you can establish network connectivity to the advanced management module, but you cannot log in (user ID or password not valid), the problem may be due to an incorrect ID or password, or it may be related to too many unsuccessful attempts.


When you attempt to log in to the advanced management module, you receive errors related to the user ID or password not being valid.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Verify that you are using a valid user ID and password. The user ID and password are case-sensitive.
  2. Wait a few minutes before attempting to log in again. Five unsuccessful login attempts results in the advanced management module locking out the user ID. The default wait time is two minutes, but it might have been changed during the management module user profile configuration.
  3. Attempt to log in through both the Web and the Telnet interfaces. If you cannot log in, reset the advanced management module to the default configuration, which will restore the default user ID and password:
    Important: Resetting the advanced management module will shut down the external ports for all I/O modules, which will disrupt all network and fibre connectivity. After the advanced management module resets with the default configuration, it will attempt to obtain a DHCP address for two minutes before using the default IP address ( and subnet mask ( Remove the Ethernet cable from the advanced management module if you do not want it to attempt to obtain a DHCP address.

    If you previously saved your configuration, you will be able to restore it after resolving the problem with the advanced management module. For more information about restoring a previously saved configuration, see the Advanced Management Module User's Guide.

    1. Insert a paper clip into the pin hole on the back of the advanced management module.
    2. Push the paper clip in all the way and hold it for approximately 10 seconds. The advanced management module will reset and the fans will run at full speed, which is clearly audible.
    3. Remove the paper clip from the pin hole.
  4. Connect a laptop to the management module. Set the IP address on the laptop to the IP address and subnet mask so that it does not conflict with any default IP address in the BladeCenter S system.
  5. Attempt to log in using the default user ID and password. The default user ID is USERID and the default password is PASSW0RD (with a zero in place of the letter O).
  6. Contact IBM support.