Multiple blade servers cannot access the media tray

Use this procedure if multiple blade servers are unable to access the media tray.


Multiple blade servers (or a single blade server in multiple blade server bays) are unable to access the media tray in the BladeCenter S chassis.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Reseat the media tray.
    Note: When you remove the media tray, the fan modules will operate at full speed. However, they will return to normal operation when you install the media tray back in the BladeCenter S chassis.
  2. Log in to the advanced management module and check the event log for service processor communication errors for multiple blade servers. If so, see Service processor communication error displayed for multiple blade servers.
  3. Plug a USB device into the USB v2.0 port on the media tray to verify that the selection and communication paths are working. If the blade servers can access this device, replace the DVD drive.
  4. Replace the media tray.