Power source requirements

The BladeCenter S system can run on either 110 V ac or 220 V ac. Each of the four power supplies in the BladeCenter S chassis is capable of handling either type of power source.

Note: Although the power modules are autoranging and can support either 110 V ac or 220 V ac, you cannot mix voltage power sources within the same BladeCenter S system. All power modules within a BladeCenter S system must be connected to either a 110 V ac or 220 V ac power sources.
AC power input must be adequate to supply the required voltage and amperage at an input frequency range from 50-60 hertz (Hz). The BladeCenter S system requires the following ac input voltage:
Table 1. ac input voltage requirements
Nominal Voltage Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage
110 V ac 100 127
220 V ac 200 240
The ac input current requirements are shown in the following table:
Table 2. ac input current requirements
Nominal Voltage Nominal Amps Maximum Continuous Amps
100 V ac 11.2 13.9
200 V ac 8.0 9.0