Predefined configurations

Several predefined configurations are available to help in configuring the zoning for the SAS connectivity module.

Predefined configurations are available to support most typical environments. There are several ways to choose a predefined configuration, including:
  • Storage Configuration Manager
  • Advanced management module configuration wizard
  • Advanced management module Web based user interface
  • The SAS connectivity module command-line interface (CLI)
Note: Predefined configuration 01 is not intended to be used with the BladeCenter S system.

Predefined configurations cannot be modified. Therefore, when choosing a predefined configuration, plan for future growth. For example, if you are currently going to install a single blade server, but you intend to install additional blade servers in the future, you might consider choosing the predefined configuration that supports the total number of blade servers that will be installed. Then, when you do install additional blade servers, you will not need to modify the predefined configuration.

If you implement a predefined configuration that meets your current requirements and then change the BladeCenter S system (such as adding an additional blade server), you will need to choose a new predefined configuration that matches the BladeCenter S system setup.
Tip: You can use Storage Configuration Manager to edit a predefined configuration. However, you must save any changes that you make as one of the four user-defined configurations.