Rear view parts listing

The rear of the 8886 BladeCenter® unit contains components such as the management module, fan modules, and I/O modules.

Illustration of the rear of the BladeCenter S Types 7779 and 8886 showing exploded view of all parts
Index Description CRU part number (Tier 1) CRU part number (Tier 2) FRU part number
1 Midplane     43W3631
2 Shuttle (with card and cable assembly)     44E8051
3 Filler, I/O module 25R9934    
4 Advanced management module 39Y9661    
5 Serial pass-thru module   44E8054  
6 Fan module 44E8053    
7 1450W Power supply module - C20 39Y7367    
1450W Power supply module - C14 39Y7403    
8 Filler, power supply 44E8059    
  Cable, fan module to midplane     44E8061
  Miscellaneous parts kit     44E8062
  Kit, rack   39M3256