Selecting shared BladeCenter resources

Some BladeCenter® resources are selectable for use by a single blade server at a time, such as the media tray or the keyboard-video-mouse (KVM).

BladeCenter resources such as power modules, cooling, system management, and network I/O modules are available to most blade servers at all times; no user intervention is required. You can select the resources for a blade server in the following ways.

Attention: Do not switch ownership of the media tray to another blade server while a transaction is taking place on the DVD drive or an attached USB device. The data might become corrupted. Make sure that activity lights on the DVD drive are not lit.
It can take up to 20 seconds for the operating system in the switched-to blade server to recognize the media tray or the KVM. If you install Microsoft Windows 2000 on a blade server while it is not the current owner of the media tray or the KVM, the first time the blade server requests ownership after the operating system has been installed, it can take up to 1 minute for the operating system to recognize the devices (this is a one-time-only occurrence).
Note: The operating system on the blade server must provide USB support for the blade server to recognize and use the media tray. The BladeCenter S system uses USB for internal communication with these devices.