Blade server does not support SoL (as reported in the advanced management module)

If you receive a message in the advanced management module stating that the blade server is not supported, you may need to update firmware for the blade server or the advanced management module.


From the SoL configuration page within the advanced management module interface, you see an indication that the blade server does not support Serial over LAN.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. If you have just supplied power to the BladeCenter S chassis or you have just reset the advanced management module, wait five minutes to ensure that the advanced management module has completed its communication with each of the blade servers in the BladeCenter S chassis.
  2. Reseat the blade server by removing the blade server from the BladeCenter S chassis and installing it again.
    Note: Before removing the blade server, shut down the blade server operating system; then, shut down the blade server. See the documentation that comes with your blade servers for the procedure to shut down the operating system.
  3. Install the blade server in a different blade server bay.
  4. Update the blade server service processor firmware (also known as the BMC or ISMP code).
  5. Update the advanced management module firmware.
  6. Suspect the system board in the blade server.