Characters received or typed are incorrect

Use this procedure when you are having trouble typing or receiving correct characters in a Serial over LAN session.


Within a Serial over LAN session, the characters that you type appear differently on the terminal.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Verify that the serial port settings in your terminal emulation program match the settings in the blade server BIOS configuration. In addition, verify that hardware flow control is enabled.
  2. Try a different terminal emulation program, such as Telnet, PuTTY, or Hyperterm.
  3. Make sure the Ethernet switch in I/O module bay 1 is powered on.
  4. Check the external link statistics for the Ethernet switch in I/O module bay 1. Look for high packet loss and/or high packet error rates.
  5. Attempt to set up a Serial over LAN session to another blade server in the BladeCenter S chassis. If the problem persists for multiple blade servers, suspect the advanced management module.
  6. Restart the blade server. From the advanced management module Web interface, click Blade Tasks > Power/Restart . Click the box next to the blade server, and then scroll down and select Restart Blade System Mgmt Processor.
    1. Make sure the blade server is powered up.
    2. Check the status of Serial over LAN.
    3. If it is ready, attempt to open an Serial over LAN console.
  7. Update the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) and the Ethernet driver for the blade server.
  8. If the blade server supports local KVM, attempt to access the blade server using the KVM connection on the advanced management module and type some characters. If the problem persists, suspect the advanced management module.