SoL session will not stay up

Use this procedure to troubleshoot when the SoL session drops unexpectedly.


You can establish a Serial over LAN session, but the session drops unexpectedly.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Verify that the advanced management module has a sufficient timeout value. The default timeout value is 120 seconds for console sessions, but it can be changed. For example, to change this value to infinity using the advanced management module command-line interface, enter the command:
                            telnetcfg -T system:mm[1] -t 0

    For information about using this command, see the Advanced Management Module Command-Line Interface Reference Guide.

  2. Make sure that you are not attempting to access a blade server through Serial over LAN and attempting to boot the blade server using PXE at the same time. Serial over LAN traffic shares blade server internal Ethernet port 1 with regular Ethernet traffic. Traffic from a network install server running through blade port 1 can block Serial over LAN traffic which will cause the Serial over LAN session to become nonresponsive.
  3. Verify that the latest Ethernet driver is installed on the blade server, especially for blade servers running a Linux operating system.
  4. Make sure that you do not type on the keyboard while the blade server is rebooting or the operating system network drivers are loading. This can cause the Serial over LAN session to drop.