Configuring the advanced management module

Configure the BladeCenter S system from the advanced management module using the configuration wizard.

Note: Before you configure the advanced management module, make sure that you have installed all hardware components in the BladeCenter S system.
  1. Log in to the advanced management module, using the default user ID and password (if you have not already done so). The first time you access the advanced management module, the configuration wizard starts.
    Note: If the configuration wizard does not start automatically, you can select it from the Web interface by clicking MM Control > Configuration Management > Start Configuration Wizard and then clicking the Start Configuration Wizard button.
  2. Follow the prompts in the configuration wizard.
    Important: During configuration, you have the option of choosing a predefined configuration that is tailored to the number of blade servers and SAS connectivity modules in the chassis. If you plan to use Storage Configuration Manager to configure the integrated storage, you have the option of not activating a configuration or choosing a user-defined configuration that you can modify using Storage Configuration Manager.
  3. After you complete the configuration, be sure to save it, either to a file or to the BladeCenter S chassis (or both).
    Note: If you chose Express Setup, the configuration is automatically saved to the BladeCenter S chassis.
  4. Update the firmware for the advanced management module.
    1. Download the latest level of firmware from the IBM® support Web site.
    2. From the advanced management module Web interface, click MM Control > Firmware Update .
    3. Click Browse to select the location of the firmware file. Then, click Update.
For more information about configuring the advanced management module and saving a configuration, see the IBM BladeCenter® Management Module User's Guide.