Installing the midplane

The installation of a midplane should only be performed by a trained service technician.

Graphic illustrating the installation of a midplane from a BladeCenter unit.

  1. Make sure the release handles are closed and position the SPC chassis (shuttle) so that the location where the midplane will be placed is facing up.
  2. Carefully place the midplane onto the SPC chassis, aligning the screw holes on the midplane with the holes in the SPC chassis.
  3. Install the nine screws that attach the midplane to the SPC chassis.
  4. Reconnect the two upper fan-to-midplane cable plugs to the midplane connectors.
  5. Reconnect the two lower fan-to-midplane cable plugs to the midplane connectors.
  6. Install the SPC chassis into the BladeCenter S chassis (see Installing the SPC chassis (shuttle)).
  7. Update the vital product data (VPD) for the BladeCenter unit:
    1. Log into the advanced management module Web interface.
    2. In the navigation pane, click Monitor → Hardware VPD.
    3. Click Chassis.
    4. Click Edit BladeCenter System Vital Product Data.
    5. Obtain the model number and serial number on the ID label on the BladeCenter; then, enter the information in the Type/Model and Serial Number fields.
    6. If the advanced management module is using firmware version BPET54R or older, restart the advanced management module.