Installing the SPC chassis (shuttle)

The installation of a System Power and Cooling (SPC) chassis (also called a shuttle) should only be performed by a trained service technician.

Graphic illustrating the installation of a shuttle from the BladeCenter unit

  1. If you are installing a new SPC chassis, install the midplane from the removed SPC chassis (see Installing the midplane).
  2. Open the release handles on the SPC chassis (rotate the handles up).
  3. Align the SPC chassis with the BladeCenter S chassis and push the SPC chassis frame into the BladeCenter S chassis until it stops.
    Note: Do not push the SPC chassis using the release handles.
  4. Push the SPC chassis the remainder of the way into the BladeCenter S chassis until the release handles rotate down.
  5. Close the release handles completely. The SPC chassis will move back fully into the BladeCenter S chassis.
  6. Tighten the captive thumbscrews on the release handles.
  7. Install the left and right shipping brackets on the BladeCenter S chassis and the rack, if they were removed.
  8. Install the two shipping screws in each side of the chassis, if they were removed.
  9. Install any of the following modules that were removed from the rear of the BladeCenter S chassis:
  10. Push the following components fully into the front of the BladeCenter S chassis to engage the midplane:
  11. Connect any cables that were disconnected from the modules in the rear of the BladeCenter S chassis.
  12. Connect the power to the BladeCenter S chassis.
  13. Restart any blade servers that were shut down. See the documentation that comes with each blade server for detailed instructions.