Planning for advanced management module configuration

The BladeCenter S system comes with a single hot-swap advanced management module located in the management module bay. Plan for configuration by making decisions and gathering information for Ethernet interfaces, alerts, login profiles, network protocols, and security.

The advanced management module is used to configure the BladeCenter S system and installed modules, such as Ethernet switch module IP addresses.

The advanced management module communicates with the service processor in each blade server for functions such as:
  • Blade server power-on requests
  • Blade server error and event reporting
  • Blade server requests for keyboard, mouse, and video
  • Blade server requests for CD-ROM drive and USB port

The advanced management module also communicates with the I/O modules, power modules, fan modules, and blade servers to detect presence or absence and any error conditions, and sending alerts when required.

Use the information provided in this section along with the Advanced management module configuration worksheet to plan for the configuration of the advanced management module.