Removing the media tray

You can remove the media tray while the BladeCenter S system is powered on. To remove it, open the release handles and slide the media tray from the BladeCenter S chassis.

Note: Make sure that the USB ports and the DVD drive are not in use before removing the media tray.
Important: If you are removing the media tray from a BladeCenter S chassis in which SAS RAID controller modules are installed, refer to the BladeCenter S SAS RAID Controller Module Installation and User's Guide for additional steps that might need to be performed.

Illustration of BladeCenter S chassis showing the removal of a media tray

  1. Open the release handles (rotate the top handle up and the bottom handle down) to disengage the media tray from the BladeCenter S chassis.
  2. Slide the media tray out of the BladeCenter S chassis.
    Note: When you remove the media tray, the fan modules will begin to run at full speed.
  3. If you are instructed to return the media tray or DVD drive, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.