Troubleshooting the BladeCenter S system

If you experience problems with your BladeCenter S system, there are several ways to isolate and resolve the problem.

At a minimum, the BladeCenter S system consists of the following components:

Each blade server, which is installed in a blade server bay in the front of the BladeCenter S chassis, comes with two Ethernet ports (integrated on the planar) that connect through the midplane to an I/O module in I/O module bay 1.

I/O module bays 3 and 4 are optional. If used, an appropriate expansion card (matching the module type in the I/O module bay), must be installed in each blade server that will access the I/O modules.

Power modules must be installed in power module bays 1 and 2. If you have installed a disk storage module in disk storage module bay 2, power modules must also be installed in power module bays 3 and 4. These power modules provide additional power capacity to the power domain.

The midplane routes all electrical signals between all of the blade server bays and the I/O module bays.