The system status summary

You can access a list of outstanding events that require immediate attention, and the overall status of each of the blade servers and other components in the BladeCenter® chassis.

To access the system status summary page from the advanced management module Web interface, click Monitors > System Status . The following figure shows an example of the System Status Summary page.

Figure 1. System Status Summary page

If you are using a BladeCenter HT or a BladeCenter T chassis, the system status page also displays active alarm conditions that are grouped by alarm type (critical, major, or minor). Critical, major, and minor alarms light the LED associated with their alarm level on the BladeCenter T unit. Acknowledging an alarm moves it from the critical, major, or minor active list to the acknowledged list and turns off its LED. Clearing an alarm removes it from all alarm lists and turns off its LED. Acknowledging or clearing an alarm only turns off its LED when there are no other alarms of the same level that are active to keep the LED turned on.

The following figure shows the System Status Summary page for the BladeCenter T and BladeCenter HT chassis.

Figure 2. System Status Summary page - BladeCenter T and BladeCenter HT chassis