Light path diagnostic LEDs

Light path diagnostic LEDs are a system of LEDs on the BladeCenter® chassis and components within the chassis that can be used to identify system errors. If the front or rear system error LED on a BladeCenter chassis is lit, one or more error LEDs on a component also might be lit.

LEDs on the chassis may be viewed remotely from the advanced management module Web interface. The advanced management module also provides the ability to view the LEDs internal to the blade server.
Note: The System LED panel is displayed in a different locations on different chassis types, but the function of each of the LEDs is similar.
The following System LEDs are displayed:
This green LED is lit when there is power coming to the chassis midplane.
This blue LED is lit (solid or flashing) to indicate the location of the chassis.
This amber LED is lit (solid) to indicate that the system temperature has exceeded a threshold level, or that one or more components within the chassis have exceeded an over-temperature threshold.
This amber LED is lit (solid) to indicate that noncritical event has occurred. The information LED for one or more components in the chassis, such as an I/O module, will also be lit.
System error
This amber LED is lit (solid) to indicate that a critical system error has occurred. This LED is lit for the following conditions:
  • When messages with a severity of error or critical are generated
  • When the fault LED on a component within the chassis is lit

For example, on a BladeCenter S chassis, the following system LEDs are displayed on the media tray:

System LED panel

View the system LEDs remotely through the advanced management module Web interface. The main LED page shows the external LEDs on the chassis panels and the front panel. The internal blade LEDs are also available through a blade hyperlink from the LED page. This enables you to see the status of the internal LEDs on the blade server without having to turn off the blade server, remove it from the chassis, and activate the light path indications.

The chassis LEDs indicate the status of the components in the chassis. For example, if the error, information, temperature, or location LED is lit for a blade server, the same LED will be lit on the system LED panel for the chassis. The information and location LEDs can also be turned off remotely, but you might need to turn off the LED on the blade for the request to be accepted.