This documentation provides additional information about event notifications from the advanced management module or messages in the advanced management module event log and the steps that you can take to resolve issues on a BladeCenter® chassis.

Most events are informational and do not impact availability. Some events can impact BladeCenter system availability, and these events require action to address and resolve. In addition, events related to a hardware issue can be automatically called home to IBM® through the IBM BladeCenter Service Advisor, which is built into the advanced management module, if enabled. This built-in automated call-home capability ensures that IBM is immediately notified of a hardware failure, even in the middle of the night, and a replacement part is sent to resolve the issue.

Note: The advanced management module is the latest version of the original BladeCenter management module. The newer versions of the advanced management module reports the Event ID in the event log and provides service data collection. In addition, Service Advisor is not supported on the management module. This document does not directly apply to the management module; however, many of the events and the recommended user actions for those events are similar.

Some events might appear to be caused by a hardware issue but are not called home. For those events, additional problem determination is required to determine the source of the issue before it can be resolved. In many cases, issues that might at first appear to be due to hardware problems might actually the result of usage errors, code issues, or configuration. When you install new components in a BladeCenter chassis, consider updating the firmware of that component to the latest available levels to reduce issues that might be related to firmware.

Firmware for the BladeCenter chassis and its components is available at the Software and downloads Web site.

Information about component compatibility and interoperability within a BladeCenter chassis can be found at the ServerProven® Web site.

Using this information

If you receive an event through the event log or through notifications, such as e-mail or SNMP, you can look up the event ID in Messages to determine the actions that should be taken, if any action is required.