Special messages

There are several event IDs that have special meaning in the event log.

They are not recorded in Messages because these event IDs in the event log are not notification messages; they will not generate e-mail notifications or SNMP traps.
  • 0x10000001. Messages with this event ID in the event log were written to the event log in a previous version of advanced management module code. Older versions of the event log did not store the event ID, so a number was provided for consistency in viewing the log.
  • 0x10000002 – Messages with this event ID in the event log are blade server service processor pass-through messages that are written directly to the event log. These messages are not documented here because they are generated by the specific blade server. They are detected by the following prefixes in the messages:
    • SMI Hdlr
    • DIAGS:
    • SMS:
    • SYS F/W:
    For example:
                               (deck03-GPVT) SYS F/W: Firmware. See procedure FSPSP04 then FSPSP06 
    (5000EED8 B181D30B 030100F0 53ADAF10 C14420FF 400000FF 00000006 000D1E02 00000001 00000000)
  • 0x10000003. Messages with this event ID in the event log indicate that a non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) reset occurred, normally during AMM initialization, which causes the system log to be cleared. This message is logged for additional information