Before you call

Before you call, make sure that you have taken these steps to try to solve the problem yourself.

If you believe you require IBM® to perform warranty service on your IBM product, the IBM Service Technicians will be able to assist you more efficiently if you prepare before you call.

  • Have you checked for updated BIOS, firmware, or operating system device drivers for your system? The IBM Warranty terms and conditions state that you, the owner of the IBM product, are responsible for maintaining and updating all software and firmware of the product (unless covered by an additional maintenance contract). Your IBM Service Technician will request that you upgrade your software/firmware if your issue has a documented solution within a software upgrade.

    You can obtain the latest downloads for your system from the IBM BladeCenter® support site.

  • Have you added new hardware or installed new software in your environment? The IBM BladeCenter Server Proven site shows you what hardware and software is supported by BladeCenter systems.
  • Go to to check for information to help you solve the problem.
  • Gather the following information to provide to IBM Service. This data will assist IBM in quickly providing a solution to your issue, and ensure you receive the appropriate level service for which you may have contracted.
    Note: For information about using IBM Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) to collect information, see IBM Dynamic System Analysis (DSA)
    • Hardware and Software Maintenance agreement contract numbers, if appropriate
    • Machine Type number (IBM 4 digit machine identifier)
    • Machine model number
    • Machine serial number
    • Current® system BIOS and firmware levels
    • Other pertinent information such as error messages and logs
  • Submit an Electronic Service Request. Submitting an Electronic Service Request will start the process of determining a solution to your issue by getting all the pertinent information in the hands of IBM Service quickly and efficiently. IBM Service technicians can start working on your solution as soon as you have completed and submitted an Electronic Service Request.