Firmware Multi-flash

For a specific firmware level and blade server type, the advanced management module allows you to select multiple blade servers and update their firmware simultaneously.

  • The firmware multi-flash feature and the Firmware Update Status page are available only when blade servers that support this feature are installed in the BladeCenter unit.
  • If a blade server has more than one type of firmware that needs to be updated, each update must be performed separately.

After blade servers are selected for multi-flash update, you select the firmware file to be updated on the selected blade servers. Each blade server is then updated as a separate process.

The following illustration shows the multi-flash status page for coordinated blade server firmware updates.

Graphic illustrating the multi-flash status page for blade server firmware update.
Note: During multi-flash updates, the advanced management module does not check that a blade server is available for update before attempting to update its firmware. Blade servers that are not in a state that is ready for update will fail the update.

The Firmware Update Status page shows the progress for each blade server being updated. If any blade server fails an update operation, the advanced management module will generate an event log entry describing the problem: you should not make another attempt to update the firmware until you review these entries. If the selected firmware file is not compatible with all or some of the blade servers selected, the failures will be indicated as a separate event for each blade server that fails.