Serial Over LAN

Select Blade Tasks → Serial Over LAN to monitor the Serial Over LAN (SOL) status and to enable or disable SOL.

Graphic illustrating first page of SOL pages.
Graphic illustrating the SOL status page.

Select Serial Over LAN for each blade server and globally for the BladeCenter® unit. Enabling or disabling SOL globally does not affect the SOL session status of each blade server; SOL must be enabled both globally for the BladeCenter unit and individually of each blade server on which you plan to start an SOL session. SOL is enabled globally and on the blade servers by default.

Click the SOL Status icon for a blade server to see a detailed summary of that blade server's condition, and recommended actions.

Graphic illustrating the SOL Status Summary for a single blade server.
Click the SOL Status Summary link to see the status summary information for all the blader servers managed by the advanced management module.
Graphic illustrating the SOL configuration page.

Select this choice also to view and change the global SOL settings that are used by all blade servers in the BladeCenter unit and to enable or disable SOL globally for the BladeCenter unit.

Note: For the advanced management module, the VLAN ID used by SOL is set on the Blade Tasks → Configuration page. This page also allows you to enable management channel auto discovery, that allows SOL to communicate through any of the I/O modules installed in the BladeCenter unit. See Configuration for information.

Start and run SOL sessions by using the management-module command-line interface. See the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module Command-Line Interface Reference Guide and the Serial over LAN Setup Guide for further information.