Enabling Syslog

Select MM Control → Network Protocols to enable or disable the syslog protocol.

The syslog protocol provides a method for the advanced management module to send event log messages in a standard format through the network to up to two syslog collectors in compliance with RFC 3164. This method is useful because the advanced management module event log has a limited capacity and when it is full, it wraps, and the oldest entries are overwritten. By configuring syslog collectors, you will prevent the loss of any event history. The advanced management module syslog service is disabled by default. You can enable it and configure the syslog collectors by specifying their IP addresses, host names, and port numbers (the default port number is 514). The advanced management module also provides the ability to filter the transmitted log messages by minimum severity level for all targets.

Note: For the advanced management module, these changes take effect immediately.

To enable the syslog protocol, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Network Protocols.
  2. Scroll to the Syslog Protocol section. A page similar to the one in the following illustration is displayed.
    Graphic illustrating the Syslog Protocol page.
  3. Use the Syslog filtering level field to specify which event log entries are forwarded to the remote syslog collector according to the event severity level.
    • Error: Forward event log entries with severity level Error to the remote syslog collector.
    • Warning: Forward event log entries with severity level Error or Warning to the remote syslog collector.
    • Information: Forward all event log entries to the remote syslog collector.
  4. Use the Syslog Collector Host Name or IP Address fields to specify either the IP address or, if DNS is enabled and configured, the host name of the syslog collector. Up to two syslog collectors can be specified.
  5. Use the Port field to specify the destination port number to receive advanced management module event logs on the syslog collector.
  6. Select Enabled or Disabled in the Status field to specify whether you want to send management module event logs to the syslog collector.
Click Generate Test Syslog to generate a test syslog packet that verifies that the syslog collector information is correctly configured.