You can use the System Management Architecture for Server Hardware Command Line Protocol (SMASH CLP) to communicate with the advanced management module. See the IBM SMASH Proxy Installation and User's Guide for more information.

To start an interactive SMASH CLP session by using an SSH client such as OpenSSH client with an advanced management module with networking address, type a command similar to the following example:

               ssh -p 50022 -l USERID

where -p 50022 specifies TCP port 50022, the default port number for Secure SMASH on the advanced management module and -l USERID specifies one of the 12 local account login IDs.

The advanced management module supports non-interactive Secure SMASH sessions. This support is most useful when it is combined with public key authentication. Use this capability to issue a single SMASH CLP command. To start a non-interactive SMASH session it is important to specify that the Secure SMASH server uses a pseudo-terminal (PTY). If you fail to specify a pseudo-terminal for the session, the error message Input Redirection not Supported is displayed. For example, to get a list of the SMASH-addressable entities, type a command similar to the following command:

               ssh -t -p 50022 -l USERID show /modular1


where -t specifies that a pseudo-terminal is required for the session and show /modular1 is the SMASH command that is to be executed on the advanced management module.

If you are using a Telnet client to start an interactive SMASH CLP session you must specify the correct TCP port number. By default, the port that is assigned to the SMASH protocol is 50023.