Connecting to the management module for the first time

Connect a remote console to the management module to perform initial configuration of the BladeCenter unit.

Note: The advanced management module does not have a fixed static IPv6 IP address by default. For initial access to the advanced management module in an IPv6 environment, users can either use the IPv4 IP address or the IPv6 link-local address. See IPv6 addressing for initial connection for information about how to determine the IPv6 address to use for initial advanced management module access.
The management module has the following default network settings:
  • IPv4 IP address: (primary and secondary management module)
  • IPv4 Subnet:
  • User ID: USERID (all capital letters)
  • Password: PASSW0RD (note the number zero, not the letter O, in PASSW0RD)

By default, the management module is configured to respond to DHCP first before it uses its static IP address.

The client computer that you connect to the management module must be configured to operate on the same subnet as the BladeCenter management module. The IP address of the management module must also be in the same local domain as the client computer. To connect a client computer to the management module for the first time, you must change the Internet protocol properties on the client computer.

After you connect the Ethernet cable from the management module to the client computer, complete the following steps:
  1. For IPv4 connection, make sure that the subnet of the client computer is set to the same value as the default management module subnet (listed above).
  2. Open a web browser on the client computer, and direct it to the default management-module IP address (listed above).
  3. Enter the default user name, USERID, and the default password, PASSW0RD, to start the remote session.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. Be sure to set the timeout value that you want for your web session.

After you connect a client computer to the management module for the first time, perform the initial configuration of the BladeCenter unit (see Configuring the management module).