Configuration Mgmt

Select MM Control → Configuration Mgmt to back up or restore the management-module configuration. You also can use this page to start the configuration wizard.

Graphic illustrating the configuration management page for the advanced management module.

The advanced management module provides several backup and restoration options, including use of a compressed configuration file for BladeCenter units other than BladeCenter H units. (BladeCenter H units compress backups automatically.) When you restore defaults, you can choose to save or discard the management-module event log. See Using the configuration file for instructions.

You can also store configuration files on the local BladeCenter unit (chassis) and retrieve them from that location.

Graphic illustrating chassis storage options for configuration files.

Click the Start Configuration Wizard link to begin a guided setup of an advanced management module. The configuration wizard offers express and custom configuration options.

Graphic illustrating the configuration wizard start page.

The configuration wizard repackages the information in the other advanced management module pages into a structured flow that facilitates the configuration process. See Using the configuration wizard for information about using the configuration wizard.