Firmware Update

Select MM Control → Firmware Update to update the management-module firmware.

Important: Some cluster solutions require specific code levels or coordinated code updates. If the device is part of a cluster solution, verify that the latest level of code is supported for the cluster solution before you update the code.

The following illustration shows the management module firmware update page for the advanced management module.

Graphic illustrating the advanced management-module firmware update page.

If a standby management module is installed, the firmware update is automatically applied to both management modules. Click Browse to locate the firmware file that you want; then, click Update.

Management-module firmware is in several separate files that are installed independently; you must install all of the firmware update files. You can obtain the firmware files from

The Remote File method enables you to specify the fully qualified address of the firmware packet file for updating the advanced management module. The fully qualified address contains a protocol that is supported by the advanced management module followed by a colon and two forward slashes (//), the username and password separated by a colon for login authentication, an @ sign followed by the hostname or IP address, an optional port number, and the full path file name.
Note: If the port number is specified, it must be separated from the hostname (or IP address) by a colon.

The complete address format is:


Currently, the following protocols are accepted and understood by the advanced management module:
  • tftp
  • ftp
  • ftps
  • http
  • https
An example of a fully qualified address is:
In this example, the ftp protocol will be used for transferring the packet file, the username is USERID, password is PASSW0RD, host IP address (IPv4) is, port number is 30045, and /tmp is the full pathname to the packet file CNETCMUS.pkt.

Some protocols do not need the username, password, and the port number, so the minimum requirement for a fully qualified address can be:


To update the advanced management module firmware by using a remote file, complete the following steps:
  1. Check the Remote File checkbox.
  2. Type in a fully qualified address in the textbox.
  3. Click either the Update or Update and Reboot push button. The Update and Reboot push button will bypass confirmation windows and automaticall reboot the advanced management module when the flash is completed.
Note: If you are using a hostname instead of an IP address to specify a remote file, make sure DNS is enabled.
Important: Make sure that the role or command authority level that is set for each user is correct after you update the management-module firmware, because these definitions might change between firmware versions.

If a standby management module is installed in a BladeCenter unit that previously had only one management module, the firmware in the new management module is updated to the firmware version that is in the primary (already installed) management module. This update takes place when the standby management module is installed. It does not matter whether the new management module contains a later firmware version: the firmware version of the primary management module takes precedence. It can take up to 45 minutes to update the firmware in the standby management module and transfer the management-module configuration.