Scalable Complex

For an advanced management module, select the choices in Scalable Complex to view and manage scalable complexes in the BladeCenter® unit.

  • These pages are available only when a blade server that supports scalable complexes is installed in the BladeCenter unit; if no blade servers supporting this feature are installed, the Scalable Complex section is not displayed.
  • All blade servers in a scalable complex must be at the same firmware level. Coordinated update of firmware for all blade servers in a scalable complex is supported by the advanced management module (see Firmware Update for additional information).

A scalable complex allows blade servers, referred to as nodes, to be placed in logical groups called partitions. Blade servers in a partition act as a single system and can share resources with each other. Single blade servers can be configured as a single node stand-alone partition so that they will retain this configuration if they are installed in another BladeCenter unit.