Using Service Advisor

After the BladeCenter Service Advisor is set up, you can view the activity log or generate a test message.

Complete the following steps to create a hardware problem report concerning your BladeCenter unit, or one of its installed blade servers.

  1. Log in to the management module on which you want to activate the Service Advisor. For more information, see Starting the management-module web interface
  2. In the navigation pane, click Service Tools → Service Advisor.
  3. Click the Manual Call Home tab. You will see a page similar to the following illustration.
    Graphic illustrating the manual call home page.
  4. Complete the following steps.
    1. Select the problem area from the dropdown list.
    2. Enter the problem description.
    3. Click Manual Call Home.
    Note: If you would like to send service data using email, use the Manually Email Service Information feature of the event log management option. See Event Log.
  5. To generate a test message, click the Test Call Home tab and the Test Call Home push button. The Test Call Home is used to ensure that the advanced management module can successfully call home problems to IBM. Clicking Test Call Home will take you to the Service Advisor Activity Log. Click the Refresh push button on the activity log until a success or failure is registered in the Send Result column of the activity log. If the call was successful an Assigned Service Number or ticket number will be assigned. The ticket that is opened at IBM will be identified as a test ticket. No action is required from IBM support for a test ticket, and the call will be closed. If the test call home fails, refer to the Connectivity security for Service Advisor.
  6. To view the activity log, click the Service Advisor Activity Log tab.
    Graphic illustrating a service advisor activity log with several entries.
    • The activity log shows the 5 most recent call home events including Test Call Home and Manual Call Home events.
    • The Send Result can be Success, Pending, or Failed.
      • Success -- The call was successfully received at IBM. The Assigned Service Number field will include a problem ticket number.
      • Pending -- The call home is in progress.
      • Failed -- The call home failed. In the case of a call home failure, contact IBM to report the hardware service event. Failed call home events will not be retried.
  7. Click the Corrected checkbox after you resolve each event, to make unresolved events easier to find.
    Note: If the Corrected checkbox is not checked for an event, the next occurrence of the same event will be not called home until after five days have passed since the first occurrence of the event.
  8. Click the Refresh push button to display the latest information. The Assigned Service Number can be used to reference the call home event when communicating with IBM.
    Note: To download the service data, including the service log, see AMM Service Data.
  9. To keep a specified event out of the report to IBM, click the Call Home Exclusion List link.
    Graphic illustrating the Call Home Exclusion List page.
    • Before using the Call Home Exclusion feature, contact IBM support.
    • For a list of the Service Advisor call-home messages, see the Advanced Management Module IBM BladeCenter Service Advisor Messages Guide.
  10. Enter the hexadecimal Event ID into the Event ID field.
  11. Click Add.