System Status

Select Monitors → System Status to view the overall system status, a list of outstanding events that require immediate attention, and the overall status of each of the blade servers and other components in the BladeCenter® unit.

The following page is displayed.

Graphic illustrating the systems status summary page for the advanced management module.
Note: The BladeCenter S unit includes a link for Storage Module status.

If an abnormal system condition is detected, it is shown in the system status summary along with the date and time that the condition occurred and a link to additional information. Clicking on an event link displays detailed event information and recommended actions. (See the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module Messages Guide for a complete list of all non-device specific events and recommended actions, sorted by event ID. Device specific event information is in the documentation for the device.) The following illustration shows the system status summary with an abnormal event.

Graphic illustrating the systems status summary page showing abnormal condition.