Using the remote disk feature

The management module can use remote mass storage devices.

From the Remote Control window (see Remote Control), you can assign, or mount, an optical drive, diskette drive, or USB drive that is on the remote client computer to a blade server. By using this window, you also can specify a disk image or CD (ISO) image on the remote system for the blade server to use or upload files to local storage on an advanced management module.

You can use the remote disk for functions such as updating blade server firmware, installing new software on the blade server, and installing or updating the operating system on the blade server. After you assign the remote disk, use the remote console function to access it. The remote disk appears as a USB drive on the blade server.

Your operating system must have USB support for you to use the remote disk feature. The following are the minimum server operating systems levels that support USB:

In addition, the client (remote) system must have Microsoft Windows 2000 or later and must have the Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) Plug-in version 6.0, update 10 or later installed. The client system must also have an Intel Pentium III or later microprocessor operating at 700 MHz or faster (or an equivalent microprocessor). A maximum of 15 remote disks can be mounted using Remote Control. This includes USB devices connected to the advanced management module and any disks mounted by other users.