IPv6 addressing for initial connection

When using IPv6 addressing, the only way to initially connect to the advanced management module is by using the IPv6 link-local address.

The link-local address is a unique IPv6 address for the advanced management module that is automatically generated based on its MAC address. It is of the form: FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0.

The link-local address for the advanced management module can be determined in one of the following ways:

If the advanced management module does not have a label listing the link-local address and you are unable to access the advanced management module using IPv4, complete the following steps to calculate link-local address:

  1. Write down the MAC address of the advanced management module. It is on a label on the management module, below the IP reset button. The label reads MMxxxxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the MAC address. For example,


  2. Split the MAC address into two parts and insert FF-FE in the middle. For example,


  3. Convert the two hexadecimal digits at the left end of the string to binary. For example,
    • 39-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
    • 00111001-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
  4. Invert the value for bit 7 of the binary string. For example,
    • 00111001-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
    • 00111011-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
  5. Convert the binary digits at the left end of the string back to hexadecimal. For example,
    • 00111011-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
    • 3B-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
  6. Combine the hexadecimal digit pairs into 4-digit groups. For example,
    • 3B-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0
    • 3BA7-94FF-FE07-CBD0
  7. Replace dash (-) separators with colon (:) separators. For example,
    • 3BA7-94FF-FE07-CBD0
    • 3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0
  8. Add FE80:: to the left of the string. For example,


For a MAC address of 39-A7-94-07-CB-D0, the link-local address used for initial IPv6 access is FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0.