Cabling the management module

This topic describes how to cable the management module.

You must connect a client system to the management module to configure and manage operation of the BladeCenter unit. All management modules support a remote management and console (Ethernet) connection. The advanced management module also supports connection through the serial management port.

You can manage the BladeCenter unit by using by using the command-line interface that you access through Telnet or through the serial management port. You can also use the graphical user interface that is provided by the management-module web interface to manage the BladeCenter unit and blade servers that support KVM. To make management connections to blade servers that do not support KVM, use an SOL session through the management-module command-line interface.

To access the management-module command-line interface, you need the following equipment and information:

For information about accessing the management-module web interface, see the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module User’s Guide.

The following topics describe how to cable to the management module to perform initial configuration of the BladeCenter unit. See the Installation Guide for your management module for specific cabling instructions.