console command errors

This topic lists error messages for the console command.

See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands.

Table 1. console command errors
Error message Definition
A SOL session socket was not available. The command-line interface fails to establish an SOL connection to a blade server.
Error entering console mode. An error occurs while the management module is trying to establish an SOL connection.
Global SOL is not enabled SOL is not enabled globally.
Internal Error An error occurs while the management module is processing the command.
SOL is not ready The blade server is not available, or when a socket needed to establish a connection to the blade server is not available.
SOL on blade is not enabled SOL is not enabled on the blade server where the user is trying to start an SOL session.
SOL session is already active The user cannot start an SOL session with a blade server because an SOL session with that blade server is already in progress.
The maximum number of sessions to this blade has been reached. The blade server has no available sessions for a user to connect to.
Unknown error occurred while attempting to connect. An unknown error occurs when connecting to a blade server.